Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cards with Shutterfly

With Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas decorations come out, and holiday traditions begin. One of the things we look forward to is updating friends and family with pictures of the family as well as family happenings from the past year and of those to come. And lets be honest, we all love the feeling of getting a card in the mailbox that isn't a bill or credit card offer.

This year I started looking at because I love all of the layout options. We have used Shutterfly for a couple of different projects and are so happy with their quality of prints. No matter what your style is, they have a card to fit. I encourage you to look into their site!

Here is their link for the holiday cards:


I also have ordered calendars through Shutterfly again was so impressed by all of the options. I have given the grandma's this special gift and if you order through today you get BOGO %50 off. Amazing deals. Here is a link if you are interested in the calendars. You can even order them to come with 18 months instead of 12. Highly recommend!!!

They have great sales right now!

Monday, November 22, 2010


It took us a while to decide on what name we were going to give Adalynn. One Sunday while sitting in a church service I really felt like she was going to be filled with God's joy. So as we were picking out a middle name, "JOY" seemed to be a perfect fit. Now, eight and a half months later, her name couldn't be more fitting. Adalynn's smiles are contageous!

The other day as she was sitting in the Living Room playing with her toys I heard little noises of joy, and of course took out the camera. Here are a couple of pictures captured. These simple moments of my day can be the best light, and breath of fresh air. It seems that they happen during the busy moments. I am so glad that I stopped my agenda to capture Adalynn during this play time. I hope that the joy that comes out of her when she smiles, will cause you to smile as well.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


Africa. I find that as I write that word, I am amazed that the we are here and in the midst of seperation. Jason is currently in Kenya, and the girls and myself are in Ashland, OR. Jason was approached with the possibility of Africa, a day after Adalynn was born. Seven months ago we made the decision that it would be an incredible time for Jason, and both felt the leading of the Lord to persue this. Although there is distance, we are able to text, talk, and is amazing!!

We spent the days leading up to Jason's trip packing, cleaning, and celebrating Kyla's birthday (I will post some pictures soon). Trying to pack for a month, and keeping your luggage under 50lbs is quite a challenge. Who knew that a pair of jeans can weigh up to 5lbs.

We are learning how tired we are! This is our first break from medicine, other than a week here and there, in the last two and a half years. We have been on the medicine track now six and a half. Sometimes, I don't think we know how tired we are until we are able to stop and rest. Ashland has definately been that time for me. To rest emotionally and physically.

The girls are healthy!!! We have had so much fun, and I cannot tell you the weight that is off my shoulders. First time in six months! Thank you Lord for rest and health!! Kyla has had her time of adjustment, but everyday she gets more content with the transition.

Jason is doing well in Africa, missing his family, but seeing medicine through different eyes. Please pray for him, as he can feel isolated as a Christian and daddy.

Sorry no pictures...I don't have my own camera or computer here in Ashland.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Update...well a little

Wow! It has been almost two months since we have last updated. I have hesitated to update because I wanted to wait until my family is healthy and I have more time on my hands. Unfortunately the Van Winkle family still is batteling health issues. It has almost become the norm around here. I have to say that through this I have grown in strength and thankfulness. Yes, I have had my discouraging times, but those times are few and far between now. Rather than being disapointed for days on a time, it is now an hour here and there (usually when both girls are crying, dishes are over flowing on our counter, and everyone is hungry).

Although our summer has been stretched with sickness, we have had some great memories. So, my goal is to post some cute pictures of Kyla's trip to the ER while she had summer flu, and then the next posts will be pictures of our great memories this summer.

Kyla got the summer flu about a month ago. We started our morning with a trip to the doctor's but at this time we didn't know what she had. She was complaining of stomach pain one minute and the next minute she was running around and normal. It was the weirdest thing. Her fever would come and go, and so did her emotions. The day we went to the doctor, Kyla was totally out of it and because of her stomach cramping, we did a blood test to determine if she had a viral infection. Instead the blood test came back showing that she some sort of bacterial infection (which brought about concern for GI and apendix stuff). Kyla was very lethargic so we had to take her to a Children's ER where they did a stomach X-ray and Urine test.

About 45 minutes into our time at the ER, Kyla started perking up and couldn't wait to get her hands on a popsicle...which she had turned down earlier. We like to say that it was the tylenol that made the difference, but deep down inside we know that the Lord truly touched her body right there.

Being a prepared Mom, truth is I thought we were going to have to stay the night, I packed the DVD player and camera. Here are some picture I couldn't resist sharing! (Yes, she wanted her flip flops on the whole time)