Monday, November 22, 2010


It took us a while to decide on what name we were going to give Adalynn. One Sunday while sitting in a church service I really felt like she was going to be filled with God's joy. So as we were picking out a middle name, "JOY" seemed to be a perfect fit. Now, eight and a half months later, her name couldn't be more fitting. Adalynn's smiles are contageous!

The other day as she was sitting in the Living Room playing with her toys I heard little noises of joy, and of course took out the camera. Here are a couple of pictures captured. These simple moments of my day can be the best light, and breath of fresh air. It seems that they happen during the busy moments. I am so glad that I stopped my agenda to capture Adalynn during this play time. I hope that the joy that comes out of her when she smiles, will cause you to smile as well.


Jaime said...

Love these pictures! She is adorable!!
Miss you guys!

Carrie said...

She is truly filled with joy! I love it!

Mike and Becka said...

Yep - definitely made me smile! She's precious and I really I hope I get to meet her soon! xoxox